Our solution provides easily expandable environment to retail market. - HUB FOR RETAIL


LG Innotek is capable of offering “Integrated Retail Solutions”, easily expandable under one control

LG Innotek biz area image - esl tag, gateway, LED Lighting Control, Temp/Humidity Sensor, RTLS, Additional Areas and buildings, Client server, clouding, light/energy control software
Retail tech solution image - Client server, clouding, light/energy control software, gateway, esl tag, LED Lighting Control, RTLS, Temp/Humidity Sensor
LG Innotek biz area image & Retail tech solution image


ESL tag image

ESL Benefits

  • - Labor and printing cost saving
  • - Centralizing price policy
  • - Simultaneous Price Promotion
  • - Effective Stock Management
  • - Enhancing Customer Shopping Experience

RTLS (Real Time Location System)

Various Location based Service for end-user
Missing Child Prevention/ Locating Objects / Navigating items

Asset Management in the Retail Store
Cart / Deploying person / Tracking assets

Real Time Location System A real-time location tracing system based on IR-UWB(impulse Radio Ultra wide Band).

WLCS (Wireless Lighting Control System)

Wireless Lighting Control System enables users to quickly and easily control their LED lighting applications wirelessly while saving energy.

control device

Control Device



  • tube


  • flat


  • down light

    Down Light

Control Software

control software
Value proposition / Competitiveness
  • Full Wireless Lighting Control
    - 2.4GHz, Bluetooth Communication Module are Available
  • Energy saving
    - Full Dimming / Group Control
  • Cost efficient solution
    - Reduction in installation & wireless certification fee.

Product line-up

Product Size Function
Wireless module 29mm x 22mm x 7.7mm (W x H x T) - 2.4GHz, BLE
- 5 pin, PWM1&2 or UART
Gateway 180Φ, H=100 (Ceiling type) - Wireless : 2.4GHz, Wi-Fi,
- Max. 2k controllable
Sensor 95Φ, H=68 (Ceiling type) - Illuminance, PIR sensor
- 2.4GHz RF communication
In Home Display 195mm x 122mm x 12mm (W x H x T)
※ based on 7" Tablet
- 10ea gateway communication
- Wi-Fi / Andriod OS supported